Practice Questions You’ll See on Nursing School Exams

Nursing school is an exciting part of your nursing journey. But, let’s be real: it can also be overwhelming. With so much to learn, juggling assignments, upcoming tests, and clinical, there’s a LOT to keep track of.

That's why we're here.

My Nursing Mastery has over 2,200 practice questions that cover every aspect of your coursework. From the fundamentals to pharmacology, there are hundreds of questions to practice, each with a concise explanation to make sure you’re learning.

“The practice questions cover every subject I’m studying in school, and the explanations are easily my favorite. Even when I get a question completely wrong, I can read why each answer was right or wrong, which makes getting wrong answers okay, because I really am learning from my mistakes.”

Ella C.

Simplify Complex Learning Topics

You’ve heard that the best way to prepare is to study smarter, not harder. With limited hours in the day, you need to conserve your energy for self-care, sleep, and the moments in between. Don't waste time figuring out what to study.

Start by answering our 3,000+ practice questions broken up by topic or system. As you move along, tag each question with your confidence level. Use these tags to identify and focus on your weak areas.

A Variety of Question Types

No two nurses are exactly alike, so why should your study habits be constantly the same? My Nursing Mastery’s 3,000+ practice questions cover every format so you can tackle different types of questions to stretch your thinking and gain confidence so you can pass your classes and crush your clinical.

My Nursing Mastery Question Types

  • Select All That Apply (SATA)
  • Hotspot
  • Ordered Response
  • Exhibits
  • Prioritization
  • Application

“There are thousands of questions, and the questions not only cover all aspects of the subjects I’m learning about in class, but there are so many different types of questions. Select All That Apply shows up often, there are questions with pictures or charts or even audio to identify.”

Jamie G.

By Nurses, For Nurses

We have a team of nurses and nursing educators who have been exactly where you are now. We are constantly improving and adding new content at no additional cost, giving you the best possible chance of acing your classes and getting your life back.