Master the NCLEX-PN®

Gain the confidence you need to pass. The first time.

Readiness Tests Take the Test Before You Take the Test

Our NCLEX Simulations (Pretest & Posttest) are exact replicas of the NCLEX-PN®, built to help boost your confidence and reduce your study time.

The NCLEX Pretest helps you identify where to begin studying and the Posttest determines your probability of passing — the first time.

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“I usually don’t write reviews, but this study tool has changed my life. I’ve always struggled with testing and this gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I wouldn’t be where I am without the NCLEX program in My Nursing Mastery. Highly recommend!”

Kristin C.

2,200+ Practice Questions Practice Questions Like You’ll See on the NCLEX®-PN

Save time and study smarter with a tool designed for your busy life. Answer our 2,200+ exam-like questions, all with detailed explanations for both on-the-go and long study sessions. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your phone or computer, you’ll be building confidence and reducing stress along the way.

Practice with NCLEX-PN® Question types:

  • Select All That Apply (SATA)
  • Hotspot
  • Ordered response
  • Exhibits
  • Prioritization
  • Application
  • and more!

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“My Nursing Mastery is a lifesaver. The best part are the detailed explanations that give you a better understanding of the answers. It was the ONLY study tool I used and I passed my NCLEX on the first try. It's so valuable, I still use it as a learning tool now that I’m a nurse!”

Alex G.
MNM PQ Questions

Unique Learning System Study 3x More Efficiently With Our Unique Tagging System

As you answer practice questions, use our unique tagging system to save time and enhance your learning. Tag each question according to your confidence level to gain confidence on the most important topics and identify your weak areas — which will soon become your new strengths.

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“I took the NCLEX last week and passed! As a busy nursing student, I loved that I could study anywhere—standing in line, before bed, and during my downtime at work. I love this study program!”

Jamie D.

Nursing Knowledge Gain Confidence and Master Skills in Clinical Settings

We know you don't want to just be a good nurse. You want to be a GREAT nurse. Designed with you in mind, My Nursing Mastery is more than a tool to pass your NCLEX; with over 1,500 evidence-based nursing topics, it's a powerful resource to succeed in clinicals and in your life as a nurse.

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“This service is wonderful for the nursing student in clinicals and as a working LPN. It has specific guides for where you actually are and who you are serving: it is built for nurses! And it looks like they will be constantly growing it as a resource.”

Sam S.
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Guaranteed Pass We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve helped over 2.5 million students gain peace of mind on exam day, and we’re confident you’ll join those ranks. We’re so sure of your success, you’ll get three times your money back if you don’t pass. (But we know you won’t need it.)

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