My Mastery

Provide better care, build confidence, and advance your career.

Mastery is a process, not an end goal.

Let’s get you on the path towards mastery.

Are you a registered nurse?

Yes Almost

What is your highest level of licensure?

Practical/Vocational Nurse Registered Nurse Advanced Practice Nurse

Have you graduated?

Yes No

When are you taking the NCLEX exam?

< 1 mo. 1-3 mo. 3+ mo.

How much time until you graduate?

< 3 mo. 3-6 mo. 6-12 mo. > 1 yr.

Which license are you pursuing?

Registered Nurse Practical Nurse

Provide Better Care

Mastering existing skills, learning new abilities, and building expertise helps nurses provide the best patient care.

Build Confidence

Confident nurses are self-reliant, mentors for other nurses, and a tireless resource for their patients.

Advance Your Career

Every nursing leader starts as a beginner. A commitment to constant improvement every day leads to more career options.