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Enhance your knowledge, master existing skills and stay up-to-date with over 1,500 searchable topics organized exclusively for nursing students. My Nursing Mastery is here to help you on your road to mastery.

“Starting my clinical was so nerve-wracking; I wanted to double-check everything I could. But lugging around my heavy nursing textbooks isn’t practical; sticking my phone in my pocket is. And with the search tool, I can find whatever chart or description of a procedure I need. Thank you My Nursing Mastery!”

Jenn C.

Visual Images, Charts & Color References Tackle Complex Clinical Situations

Learn and explore complex topics with detailed graphics, images and infographics created by nurses.

Gain knowledge through your preferred learning style with clinical algorithms, visual aids like our Surgical Instrument and Incision Visual Indexes, and linked immunization schedules direct from the CDC.

“It seems like what’s in My Nursing Mastery is exactly what my instructors expect me to learn, and it’s organized in a way that helps me understand all the complexities of my patients. Graphics like the ECG lead placement, tips for interpretation, and key points for each rhythm with detailed pictures help more than physician books. Clinicals aren’t as scary now that I know I’m prepared.”

Ben V.

One-Click Clinical Assessment Tools

Packed with concise IV and assessment references, patient teaching, and practical tips.

Easy access to a cyclopedic index with over 300 conditions.

Gain Competence in Any Practice Setting 1,500+ Topics & Skills

Over 1,500 Topics have been organized exclusively for nursing students. From the ER to the NICU topics, My Nursing Mastery has got you covered. You can rest easy knowing this was made for you.