Study Smarter Using Tags

Our award-winning learning system is designed specifically to give you an edge while studying — saving you time and stress.

Answering questions that mimic the style of exams, reading detailed explanations, and tagging according to your confidence level lets you narrow your focus and grow more confident in the areas you need it most.

“The tagging was something that snuck up on me a little. But one day I was in a zone and wanted to tackle questions I didn’t know from Pharmacology, and it was so easy to pick the questions I had tagged 'Don’t Know', and I was so proud to switch so many questions to ‘Know’ and ‘Somewhat Know’.”

Kit S.

Organize Your Studies Based on Your Confidence

The most important things you can do in My Nursing Mastery is tag each question you answer based on how confident you are. Doing that simple thing lets you utilize our unique learning system that’s specifically designed to help you work your way through questions until you master them, saving you time and energy.

Filter and Review for Efficient Learning

When you wrap up a study session, it’s easy to go back to questions you’ve answered, filtered between what you know, don’t know, or somewhat know. Review the questions enough, and you’ll learn the material enough to move their tags from the red or yellow tags of “Don’t Know” and “Somewhat Know” to the well-deserved, green tag of “Know”— proof you’re learning the material!

Watch Yourself Progress

Turn your study goals into meaningful progress with our intuitive performance dashboard. The detailed performance statistics help you target your weak subjects and help celebrate your strengths.

Now you can easily track your improvements with reports that continuously show your growth.

“I like to check in with my progress every so often. It’s so encouraging to see those numbers get higher and higher as I get better.”

Claudia O.