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“As a primary care nurse fresh out of school, I am often reviewing scheduled patients for the next day. For example, I may have to prepare for a routine two-week newborn well-child check.”

Mary, RN

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“I’m a new nurse working in Med-Surg, and I’m prepping a patient discharge. My Care Manager is my usual resource for Medicare coverage, but she has a family meeting. My patient’s caregiver asked whether my patient will be able to have a specific Durable Medical Equipment covered by Medicare when they arrive home. I also need to document vital signs one more time, and I want to convert the temperature of 37.5 C to Fahrenheit.”

Eliza, RN

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“I'm a new nurse on a cardiac step-down unit, and I'm trying to keep up with the fast-paced setting where I need to be prepared to deal with emergencies, and heart attack patients are a normal part of my day. My goal is to work in the Cath Lab someday.”

Ben, RN