Nurses Support Everyone

Nursing and NCLEX Mastery is passionate about working with nurses and our nursing community about the phenomenon of nurses "eating their own" and lateral violence issues. When we post to social media about this cause, we hear from our users in droves about their experiences and have roughly 2,000 shares of these Facebook and Instagram posts, telling us it is much more prevalent than we dared have nightmares about. is working hard for this cause, too, recognizing the negative impact that this has on nurses and patient care, encouraging nurses to do more. STAND UP and SPEAK OUT. Silence equals a kind of acceptance, and most of us can agree that this is not behavior we want to accept as part of the culture of caring that exemplifies the nursing profession. You might argue that this culture goes even further up the chain of command when the accepted staff to patient ratio is often too high to allow for humane work breaks. Nurse leaders are an essential part of this movement, but it cannot be stamped out alone by our charge nurses, managers, and chief nursing officers. It really begins with us - the nurses at the bedside, the nurses in the classroom, the student nurses. This must end with us. Here & Now. Great movements in history began with nurses. This is no different. We advocate for others. Let us also advocate for ourselves and our profession. Nurses support their young.

Here is how to get involved: . At Work, Advocate for a culture of kindness, civility, and compassion at your workplace.

Support Yourself and Your Fellow Nurses. BE THE CHANGE!


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We can’t do this alone. We need each other's support!