GIFs That Nursing Students Understand Too Well

There are a few things all nursing students and nurses have in common. Giving up our social life for a new normal, learning hardiness in the face of poor grades and much worse, living on noodles while taking out a loan to buy textbooks, realizing there is always more to learn.... Nursing is its own world, for sure. Whether you are working on an inpatient unit, in school to be a practitioner, just starting out as a new nurse, or in the midst of undergrad clinicals, there are a few things that are universal to us all as a benefit of being in the nurse mafia ;)

10. When you see a therapy dog come on the unit.

9. Trying to retain all of the information in Nursing School like...

8. When you're already drowning and you get another assignment.

7. When you pass a test you thought you failed.

6. When you finish registering for classes.

5. "Your answer is correct but it is not the MOST correct."

4. When you and your friend realize you are working the same shift.

3. Who says Nursing School is stressful? I'm 22 and I feel great!

2. When your professor gives you homework before the semester even starts.

1. "So are you ready for finals or what?