More Mastery, Coming Up

My Mastery picks up right where your last Mastery app left off. Everything you liked about the old app is in here, alongside a whole bunch of additional content and features you’ll love.

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My Mastery

In This Case, More is Absolutely Better.

Odds are good your previous experience in a Mastery app was all about prepping for a test. My Mastery shifts the focus and widens the scope to cover, well, pretty much anything you could need to know over the course of a career in nursing.

My Mastery

1500+ Topics and Clinical Tools to Explore

There are dozens of ways to learn what you need to know to succeed as a nurse, and, well, they’re all here. Hooray, mnemonics!

My Mastery

Questions & Quizzes to Test What You Know

Get access to thousands of questions for you to take a crack at. Want more structure? Build a custom quiz or two to sharpen up on specific topics.

My Mastery

Oh, and New Audio & Video Lessons Weekly

Our ever-expanding library of lessons offers hundreds of opportunities to learn something new or refresh your nursing know-how.