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Dear Spring Nursing Graduates, as of April 1, 2020, the NCLEX-PN has changed its passing standard from -0.18 to -0.21 logits. This is a difficulty increase of 0.03 logits. The test will be more difficult, but it is a much smaller difficulty increase compared to what occurred to the NCLEX-RN.

(Translation: Work hard, but do not worry.)

In 2013, the NCLEX-RN changed its passing standard from -0.16 to 0.00 logits. A logit is a unit of measurement to report relative differences between the ability of the person testing and item difficulties.

To be honest, the change to NCLEX-RN was a large one and sent many nursing schools into a frenzy. Many schools did not understand the scoring, the change itself, or what it meant for their graduates. Many schools found their NCLEX pass rates dropped significantly over the following months.

In those months, schools looked at how to make changes to curriculum and supportive education services to ensure graduates and students would be prepared “enough” for the challenge ahead of them.

LPN and LVN nursing schools took notice. Correctly, assuming this change was coming to their students and graduates in the near future, they began increasing the rigor of the curriculum and enhancing their support services. The change has arrived.

The NCSBN used what we all learned in 2013 and 2014 to make acceptable test changes while still ensuring that practicing nurses are meeting the required practice standards.

The take-away?

Dear PN audience, do not worry. Our NCLEX Mastery and My Nursing Mastery products and services are tough enough to make sure you are prepared. Your schools knew this change was inevitable and have been preparing you well, too!

Keep studying! Work as hard as you have been all along. You’ve got this!