mLearning and YOU

Though the app is "mobile" we highly advise not attempting to learn while walking or driving. Concussions aren't good for your health and studies.
Using the app while on the toilet is ill advised due to the risk or transferring bacteria to the phone. However, if you drop the phone in the toilet, don't worry. Your progress is synced and saved in the app.

Why mLearning in Nursing?

microLearning is the art of learning in digestible chunks. Give learning your undivided attention for 5 to 15 minutes and the learning is more likely to become permanent. Admit it, when you sit down for a one hour study block, you spend 20 minutes of that chatting on Facebook or Snapchat, anyway. You might as well set up realistic expectations and plan to study for 15 minutes at a time! myLearning is the act of learning in the way that your prefer, on your time. Mobile learning bends to suit learning the way you prefer and is specific to you–not the classroom, not the course, and not the school. AmusingLearning sometimes means that the content is fun, but learning can be engaging and entertaining in other ways. It is great to learn through interaction and social learning communities, in addition to having the ability to challenge yourself to meet personal study goals. mobileLearning is no longer optional–it's a necessity! And it is everywhere, including in nursing. There is little substitute for the flexibility of mLearning as it squishes into the cracks of the busy nursing student's day, offers self-paced learning, and provides the flexibility to always meet any learner EXACTLY where you are, whether that is Mount Kilimanjaro or the Starbucks line. (At least this is true for our Nursing Mastery products. You only have to hit up a wi-fi access to let your device sync up your progress and receive new updates!) In all seriousness, mobile learning, mLearning, isn't the future, it is the NOW. Devices are more portable and connected than ever before making carrying flashcards and textbooks seem silly. Information storage, retrieval, and availability in a mobile device is a superior learning tool for searching books, notes, and other sources - like mobile applications! Having all that you need to study to become a great nurse is available, in your palm, anytime and anywhere. What beats that? References: