Becoming an advance practice nurse

Deciding to become an APRN

Advancing your career as a nurse is not a light decision. Taking care of people might be your passion, but understand that the role of an APRN (clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, midwife, or CRNA) is much different than bedside, home, or clinic nursing. The education is different, the testing is more intense, and the work that you will do is that of a diagnostician and interventionalist — not nursing care as you have come to know it.

Passing the GRE

Choosing a specialty

Selecting a program

Taking a certification exam


INSERT TABLE (ANCC vs AANP)Examinations for FNP certification are offered by the ANCC and the AANP. The AANP version is slightly more clinically focused than the ANCC version. The ANCC test includes more questions of professionalism that does the AANP test. The pass rates are roughly the same. There is a limit to the number of testing attempts for the ANCC; whereas, the AANP requires continuing education hours prior to scheduling a retake.

Adult-Gero Primary Care


Adult-Gero Acute Care, Pediatric Primary Care, Psychiatric Mental Health, Emergency




Studying for the certification exam

This is not the NCLEX. Take care to give the certification exam the respect it deserves. The nursing team at Higher Learning Technologies has multiple apps to help you study, but no one study tool should be considered to be enough when used alone.References: